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My 3 favourite cafés and restaurants in Jávea

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m partial to terraces, and lovely interior design. So it’s not really surprising that I hunted down some of the best restaurants in Jávea with, well, outdoor space.

Whenever I look for a place to either do some work at or have a few drinks in there are a few things I look for (excluding a terrace, but we already established this). Free wifi and awesome décor are must-haves on my list. Not to mention a cocktail menu for the cheeky drink.

There are loads of awesome cafés and restaurants in Jávea, but these stood above the rest.

La Bambula Inside La Bambula Views
La Bambula Lights
La Bambula

This place is a favourite of mine and an absolute gem. Its interior décor rivals many of London’s restaurants. Not just because of the beautiful sea view, either. The service is amazing, the design absolutely stunning, and the menu is outstanding. Whether you want to have a lovely brunch or start off a night out Bambula is the perfect spot. The place is built on two floors, has two terraces (one downstairs, one upstairs), an amazing outdoor garden at the back, as well as indoor space on the first and second floor. It serves a killer mojito too.

Cala BandidaCala Bandida ViewsRestaurante Cala Bandida

This is my favourite workspace in Jávea. The restaurant is colourful, surprisingly spacious, and the views are fantastic. Although you can only see the entrance, and the view you get from the terrace on the pictures, you’ll have to believe me when I say that the set-up is super cute. There are loads of couches with colourful cushions, fairy lights for ambience and the coffee isn’t too bad either. You’ll just have to take my word from it.

La Siesta
La Siesta CouchesLa Siesta EntranceLa Siesta

The same company behind La Bambula also owns this lovely place. It’s perfect if you just want to sip on Mojitos (or a frozen Margarita), lying on a bed with beautiful sea views. Also, you can make a day out of it as it’s open from 9 am to 3 am so you can drink all day and party most of the night. Be prepared for serious beach and holiday vibes.

Let me know your thoughts on these places in the comments section!

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