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Review: True North Cafe in Coburg

Melbourne is a coffee and brunch city. Over my two months living here, I’ve pretty much been inhaling coffee and devouring stacks of pancakes or muesli. Of course, I found a favourite spot to fuel my coffee addiction. That would be True North Cafe, just up the street from my Brunswick home.

True North Cafe is a cosy cafe which is perfect for both a coffee-fuelled work session and a boozy meet-up. True to Melbourne fashion, it is also edgy as fuck. In other words, True North introduces some seriously cosy and slightly alternative vibes to your average cafe.

Skateboards, flash tattoo designs as well as cheeky embroideries look down on industrial-style furniture. Succulents in glass jars scatter the tables, and speakeasy music fills the room with a relaxing ambience. There are also slightly weird and kitsch figurines that scatter the till area.

It’s a pretty eclectic vibe of different styles, but somehow it works.

When it comes to the coffee and food, forget about store-bought muffins. Everything here is made on-site and tastes terrific. Among many other things, the chefs bake yummy treats like vegan raspberry brownies and rotating flavours of muffins such as banana and blueberry crumble. Most importantly, they also bake fantastic pies. 

If you don’t have much of a sweet tooth, though, they also have a menu filled with the usual suspects such as muesli and avocado on toast. However, they also have a rotating menu of specials with weird and wonderful names (the “Sticky Fingers” quesadilla is amazing by the way).

So if you have nothing planned this weekend, I suggest you head down there for your morning soy latte. Who knows, it could easily turn into a watermelon Fresca with a shot, of say, tequila.

True North Cafe 2A Munro Street, Coburg, VIC, 3058

True North Cafe

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