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Why road trips will always remain one of my favourite ways to travel

Roadtrip and Tattoos

 Over the past two weeks, I have been on four different roadtrips. As someone who doesn’t drive (oops) I nonetheless have a love for driving cross-country, or even locally with a bunch of my friends.

In a day and age where we all want to be ripped from home to exotic places, we tend to forget about the charm of travelling cross-country or even locally. Chasing down the best Instagram picture is all well and good, but road trips let you admire the beauty of the local scenery.

Although I went to Switzerland twice from Bordeaux, I also toured around the Dordogne Valley with one of my best friends in the world (hey Gaelle!) and to the Midi-Pyrenees with her.

I have found so many gems when driving my friends and family(or, more accurately, letting them drive me) around the Dordogne, or even across borders. There has been a fair share of laughter, sing-alongs, and drama (oh the joys of breaking down a dozen kilometres away from your destination). 

Sunset MountainsIt leaves you some room to make mistakes, and discover new places

One of my most memorable holidays to date, for instance, was a roadtrip I took from France to Barcelona. We forgot our blow-up mattresses, so decided to skip our campsite stops to go straight to Barcelona where we had an Airbnb. The problem was that they wouldn’t have us until the next morning. So we ended up in a McDonald’s parking lot trying to figure out where to stay. 

Instead, we found the most perfect not-for-profit hostel in a natural park on the outskirts of Barcelona. Not-for-profit, I hear you ask? The Inout hostel integrates individuals with disabilities and gives them a job. A lovely coincidence as my godmother does the exact same thing but in Switzerland. 

It was the most serene setting, where wild boars roamed free and even stole some bread from us. This is a place we would never have discovered on social media. 

In other words, roadtrips let you wander and truly explore. There is a lot of space for error, but sometimes, those are actually often better than the planned route.

Not to mention, that it’s also the best way to take a fairly inexpensive and impulsive holiday. So, do you guys have a dream road trip you’d like to set out on?

(Sadly, I don’t have any pictures of the Barcelona trip, but here are some from my recent roadtrips)

Chateau HautefordDordogne RiverBergerie waterfall schoenfells


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