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Review: True North Cafe in Coburg

Melbourne is a coffee and brunch city. Over my two months living here, I’ve pretty much been inhaling coffee and devouring stacks of pancakes or muesli. Of course, I found a favourite spot to fuel my coffee addiction. That would be True North Cafe, just up the street from my Brunswick home. Continue Reading

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What does Christmas mean to you?

Healesville sanctuary

Christmas abroad can be a tough thing depending on what you think this merry season should be about.

To me, Christmas these days has more to do with spending time with the people I love. Despite the fact that I wasn’t with my family this year, Christmas didn’t lose any of its magic. Continue Reading

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At Home: Styling my bedroom into a minimalist Sanctuary

Minimalism in the bedroom has undeniably become part of the Zeitgeist.

The concept of living with less is a particularly aesthetic one, not to mention soothing. It’s also something that travellers have to take onboard as, well, we’re pretty much living out of our suitcases most of the time. 

So after finding a flat in Melbourne, I decided that instead of getting click-happy with my credit card I would be more mindful of my home decor choices. So with minimalism in mind, I went to Ikea and K-mart and did my best to avoid a shopping spree.  Continue Reading