Postcards from Jávea, Spain

A hike around Jávea.

Earlier in March, I spontaneously decided to fly off to Jávea for a month. Going there was a bit of a spur of the moment decision, but honestly, sometimes those are the best you can make. For your own sanity, that is.

Sometime’s you just need a break from life and the hustle and bustle of big cities. London and the likes are amazing places to live. However, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the sheer speed at which life goes by, as well as the stress which comes along with it.

In those instances, spending a glorious month sunbathing, walking along the stony beaches of Jávea, and floating around the pool on an inflatable watermelon with absolutely no care in the world is something I’d recommend. 

There are a few reasons I love Jávea (also known as Xàbia), and why I chose to go there for a month. The historic coastal town is inexpensive, and language isn’t an issue as almost everyone speaks English. Not to mention that hiking trails that bring you up to Montgo, and the mediterranean sea is just a stone throw away.

The small coastal town is about an hour away from Alicante airport and two hours from Valencia. It’s not the most exotic escape, but it’s one where you can go to clear your head and relax. Or simply work on your tan.

So what should you do in Jávea?

My villa was nestled just under the Montgo massif and on the limits of the nature reserve. Hiking there is amazing, and I couldn’t recommend trekking the nature reserve enough. Actually, it was my favourite part of being in Jávea as the park is a photographer’s paradise.

That said, I also spent some lazier days wandering around the Arenal, in the old town, and the port. There are loads of bars, tapas restaurants, and cafés all over Javea where you can just sit and watch life go by.

I spent one of my favourite days at the Cap de la Nau, drinking coffee at the Restaurante Cabo de la Nao. The place is straight out of a picture book, with the balcony looking over the sea, and it also has hammocks outside so you can enjoy the view. It’s also worth noting that they have 5€ mojitos.

La Siesta near the port is also particularly lovely as you can stay out on loungers, sipping on giant mojitos all day. For those who want a slightly classier experience featuring amazing Mojitos (there’s a theme starting to emerge), the best sunset views of the Arenal, and amazing decor, then La Bambula is a place you shouldn’t miss.

↡Keep scrolling for the photo diary of my month in Jávea.↡
Javea Bathed in Sun

Stairways in Javea
Javea SunriseJavea Sparkly Sea
Cap de la Nau, Javea
Stones Javea Port
Javea Burning Sun
Javea Port
Cala Blanca hole in The Cliff
Javea Cala Blanca
Cala Blanca

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