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Postcards from the Col d’Aspin, France

My good friend Gaelle decided to bring me to the Col d’Aspin area while I was in France. A second roadtrip that week. Yet again, she barely told me where we were going. I just put my bags in her car, we packed up her dog’s stuff and then we drove the 411km to our destination.

When it comes to travelling, I’m a slight control freak. As I’m not incredibly rich, I focus a lot of my time and energy in picking budget-friendly destinations. This means avoiding peak seasons and doing enough research on costs not to get any ugly surprises.

So it was a lovely change to leave my fate into Gaelle’s hands (well, for the second time that is). We arrived at her family’s cottage (or “Bergerie” in French) in the evening, just in time for the blue hour. It was one of the most magical sunsets, and we went on a brisk walk alongside the river that tears through the mountain side to flow by the cottage.

Not only are the views exceptional, but the wildlife there is also amazing. Cows and horses roam free, while deer come close to the few houses to graze.

One morning, I woke up to horses grazing just outside my window. A few minutes later, they were replaced by a herd of cows running down the hill.

Although the area is remote, I’d encourage anyone to visit the Col d’Aspin. For those who love hiking, swimming in clear water, or simply want to escape life with their friends this is the place to go.

A car is a must as the closest big shop is about thirty minutes away. However, that same remoteness also makes the area a photographer’s dream shooting location.

Col d'Aspin forest

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  • Gaelle
    June 11, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    Magnifiques photos (de mon chien ❤️❤️❤️❤️), I’ll be happy to take you back there anytime!